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Neurodiversity Advisors

Our mission is to lower the high unemployment rate for autistic and other people with disabilities.



Neurodiversity Advisors offers a comprehensive and inclusive recruiting solution for your company. Our primary focus is to increase the number of neurodivergent and other disabled employees at your company, fostering a diverse and supportive work environment. Our team is dedicated to providing you with all the tools and support you need to ensure the success of the employees you hire. Let us help you build a workforce that celebrates diversity and empowers individuals to reach their full potential.


Neurodiversity Advisors is dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities. Our training programs are designed to meet your unique needs, offering specialized neurodiversity and disability training for your human resources, staff, and managers. We believe that fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment is essential for success. Let us help you create a workplace that celebrates diversity and empowers every individual to reach their full potential.

Temporary Staffing

If your company requires temporary staffing, we provide comprehensive staffing solutions that include training to ensure the success of the employees. Our team is committed to offering efficient temporary staffing services tailored to your specific requirements.
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